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Do you have bail bond questions? Are you looking to speak directly to someone about bail? Do you have information on someone trying to skip? This number will always be connected to an agent. We’re there when you need us most.


If you’d like to speak to an agent directly, please feel free to use the contact information below.

Dover Office
931-232-2364 or 931-289-FAST


Dale Perigo: Houston Co./Stewart Co./Humphrey’s Co.
Call or Text: 931-289-8594 

Gabriel Brown: Stewart Co./Houston Co.
Call or Text: 931-627-9187 

Grant Gibbs: Cheatham Co.
Call or Text: 615-364-3181 

Adam Hudson: Houston Co./Dickson Co./Stewart Co.
Call or Text: 931-721-6656 

Steve Hudson, Owner


If you have any questions about an existing account with us you can speak with our account specialist Shana.

931-232-2364 (Office/Dover)



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