About Us

We’ve all made bad choices. Sometimes they even land us in jail. However, it’s when we hit rock bottom that we can finally begin to pull ourselves back up. We at Freebird Bonding Company, understand that in order to start correcting those mistakes you need to be free. As a Christian based and family owned bonding company, with deep ties in the middle Tennessee community and over 20 years experience, we can help!

If you or a loved one is currently in jail. Please give us a call. We can guide you through the process. We even have special resources and monitoring services to help those with substance abuse problems. Give us a call for more information.

24 Hour Bonding -Text available

We have several agents and offices in middle Tennessee cities.

  • 931-216-4545 (Steve Hudson/Owner)
  • 615-792-2929 (Office/Ashland City)
  • 931-232-2364 (Office/Dover)
  • 931-289-FAST (Office/Erin)
  • 931-289-8594 (Dale Perigo/Dover/Erin/Waverly)
  • 931-627-4399 (Carl Everett/Dover/Erin)
  • 615-604-0103(Rich Swiegoda/Dickson)
  • 615-364-3181 (Grant Gibbs/Ashland City)
  • 931-721-6656 (Adam Hudson/Erin)


Freebird Bonding Company is the only bail bonding office offering these services in the district.

  • GPS monitoring product-scram-gps
  • SCRAM Monitoring (alcohol monitoring by testing your skin) scram-cam-base-station_410_274_s_c1
  • My Buddy (If domestic abuse happens victim receives my buddy monitor that alerts victim of the defendants location if within selected range. selected by the court and victim. Victim can push button to alert appropriate officials.)
  • Drug and Alcohol Pads (like nicotine pads)


We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Facebook Page page to tell us what you think by using the review tab.


DISCLAIMER: We provide no legal services or advice to anyone.